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About Get Over My Divorce

When the book Eat Pray Love arrived at my door, I had no idea how much it would change me. The tale of a married woman who left everything behind to travel and find herself resonated with me and was the catalyst to me walking away from my marriage. It had been a hard decision to make but as I left my marital home and flew to India on the very same day, it was about to be a journey that would change my life forever…

My Story

After being married for nearly 2 years, I knew that I was living the wrong life. I made the decision to walk away from my marriage, uncertain of what lay on the other side. The journey was a tough and challenging one but I emerged a stronger, more independent woman with a newfound clarity. I fell into the trap of the pressure of society and got married because I honestly believed that that is what I was meant to do. 

My journey since then has been one of self-confidence, of loving the person who I now am, and becoming enough. I learned to not care about what others think of me, to put myself out there and carve my own way in life. But getting here hasn’t been easy. It’s taken a lot of deep inner work and exploring different paths in life to know how I want to design a life that is uniquely right for me.

I found a way to get over my divorce and have stepped into the life that I am meant to lead. Divorce gives us a chance to re-write our story and start a brand new chapter of our life.

This is your time to shine and to step into the amazing woman that you are meant to be. Is there life after divorce? You bet there is and it's my aim to show you how. 

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My Vision

  • To empower women after divorce
  • To show that there is life after divorce
  • To show that you don't have to follow society's rules. 

The content on this site will help you to:

  • Know that you aren't alone
  • Be inspired by other's stories of going through a divorce
  • Help you to understand your patterns and aid your personal growth
  • Overcome any fear of travelling solo and know what to expect as a woman travelling alone.

Articles & Stories

It is thought that at least 40% of marriages end in divorce. But we don’t have to feel like a statistic. Embrace being a divorcee and get inspired by stories of women who have been through a divorce, and found happiness on the other side. This section also includes articles on how to empower yourself after divorce.


The resources page are tools that I have used in the past to help empower me, whether that is during moments when I have felt lost on my path or needed to clear any blocks or trauma. From Inner Voice sessions to Distance Reiki, it’s all about finding what works for you to help you during the challenging times. 

7 Ways To Cope With Divorce

Getting over a divorce (or even a break up) can be emotionally draining. That’s why I created an emotional first-aid kit to help you cope with your divorce. Sign up for ‘7 Ways to cope With Divorce’ and every time I add new content to the site, you’ll get notified by email. 

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Bounce Back Plan

Getting over a divorce is such an emotional process. Being able to direct your energy and feelings into more constructive ones can really help if you’re feeling lost and are longing for more understanding about yourself or the relationship.

The 30-day Bounce Back Plan is an empowering plan of self-discovery to help you navigate the other side of divorce and get you back on your feet again. At the end of 30 days, you will feel more confident, more empowered, and more aligned with your wants and desires, and will emerge as a better version of yourself.

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I’m determined to show others that it’s okay to be over 30 (or even younger) and still single. Whether you are struggling in a marriage, coming out of a divorce or are battling with the challenges of being single in a coupled-up society, I hope that this website will help you to step back into your power and reclaim the life that you want to live. Most importantly, this site will help you to improve the relationship with yourself. If you're ready to embrace life after divorce, I hope that Get Over My Divorce will empower you on your journey...

Lisa x

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