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Divorce Coaching


If you’re struggling with the thought of divorce, you may want to work with a divorce coach to help get you through it, especially if you’re not ready to give up on your partner and have a desire to heal your relationship. 

Sallyanne Hartnell is a relationship, separation, divorce & co-parenting coach. She is a single mum to two children and knows how lonely, confusing and overwhelming a divorce can be. She has learned how to reconnect to herself, redefine her life and rebuilt a new version filled with and fuelled by deep connection, and she started Reflect Coaching to help you to do the same.

If you are unsure about your marriage, Sallyanne’s program ‘Reclaim’ helps you to create the deeply connected, fulfilling relationship your soul craves without surrendering any part of yourself or sacrificing your success. Her 12-14 week program helps to lead you through the steps to move your relationship mediocre to magnificent and help create the deeply connected, fulfilling relationship your soul craves without surrendering any part of yourself or sacrificing your success. 

If you are emerging from a divorce or separation and are feeling overwhelmed and unsure how you will manage everything alone, her Liberate program helps to reset, redefine and reclaim through your divorce to be able to fly solo afterwards. She helps to reconnect you to yourself and what you most want and rejuvenate the parts of you that have been missing. 

Why coaching?

If you need a clear direction and action plan to get your life (and your relationship) back on track, or to build a new solo life for yourself that is deeply fulfilling; if you need to reconnect to yourself, reclaim your self-belief, rebuild your self-confidence, coaching is for you.

When we get divorced, it’s easy to feel lost with no sense of direction as we battle with losing the life that we had dreamt for ourselves. If you’re feeling stuck and ready for a change in your life, having sessions with a Life Coach can help you to navigate through these feelings and get to a place of joy, passion and purpose, ready to tackle the world with a new sense of freedom and alignment. Maybe you’ve lost your joy and forgotten what makes your heart sing, and are desperate for change in your life.

What to expect

As a certified life coach, Sallyanne is based in Australia and offers divorce coaching. She has been exactly where you are and she knows it’s a lonely, confusing and overwhelming place to be. Her story is the reason that she wants to support you in your own.

Sallyanne offers three different pathways whether that’s a 90-minute Refresh session on how you want your life and relationships to look or feel, her 3-month Reclaim program to help you step towards the relationship you most deeply desire, and her Liberate program, a 3-month journey to guide you through the storm of your divorce and empower you to fly solo at the end. 

Her coaching experience include weeks of bespoke 1:1 coaching, 6 fortnightly Zoom sessions, 1 x 90 minute initial call and 5 hourly follow up Zoom sessions. As well as a soul-searching questionnaire to see where you are feeling challenged, unlimited messaging in-between sessions, and two optional SOS calls if you need deeper support. Plus so much more. If you’re keen to see if coaching with Sallyanne is the right support for you, book your complimentary reset call.

Find out more about Sallyanne and her services at Reflect Coaching

N.b. Mention ‘Get Over My Divorce’ when you book a session and we donate to Girls Not Brides, a global partnership in more than 95 countries working to end child marriage. Thanks for helping.


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