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From articles to videos, these free resources are some of the best that I have found to navigate yourself through the emotions of a divorce.

7 Stages of Grief

When a relationship breaks down, it is common to go through a grieving period and experience 7 stages of grief. Although you may only pass through one or several of these stages, the hardest one seems to be the loss of the relationship and uncertainty of how to move forward or even live without this person in your life. Understanding what you are going through not only helps during this time but can also speed up the process, especially as you learn to identify with each stage and can acknowledge the emotions as they arise.

EFT - The Tapping Solution

Although we are aware of our conscious mind, our subconscious mind can sabotage our thoughts and make us feel that we are unworthy of love. EFT is a simple technique that you can do to help shift any negative blocks and any emotional issues which you may be experiencing such as grief, depression, anger and fear. It works by tapping on points of your body to clear any negative energy and unblock any old patterns

Lumiere Tarot

If you love Tarot, Clair Summer is an intuitive tarot reader who has helped me during some of my darker times. Just watching one of her pick a card readings has given me the lift that I need to get me through the day. Clair works with feminine energy to channel her tarot readings on her YouTube channel

Susan Winter

Susan Winter is a relationship and love coach who is a true thought leader in her field. Susan offers real advice for anyone going through a break up with true transparency. Her videos help you  to understand how relationships work and allow you to look within and see that relationships are just a reflection of yourself.

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