Bounce Back Plan

Bounce Back Plan

30 Lessons Easy

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30 Days To a Better You

Getting over a divorce is such an emotional process. Being able to direct your energy and feelings into more constructive ones can really help if you’re feeling lost and are longing for more understanding about yourself or the relationship.  

The 30 day Bounce Back Plan is an empowering plan of self-discovery to help you navigate the other side of divorce and get you back on your feet again.  

We’ll be working on your appearance, your fitness and your health, and more importantly your self-esteem. We’ll be figuring out your aims and goals in life so you will feel like a new person. You will be stripping yourself back and seeing yourself in a completely different way, maybe even for the very first time.

The Bounce Back Plan will help you to feel:

More confident – You will have reconnected with who you are as an individual and become a stronger, more confident version of you.

More empowered – You’ll be feeling more empowered, have cleared any negativity, and have new practices to help you design your life.

More aligned with your wants and desires – You’ll know exactly what you want from life, and your needs and desires within a future relationship. 

The Bounce Back Plan gives you actionable steps that you can take to getting over your ex. Every week is a reading and evaluation day to give you some insights into relationships and evaluate your needs.  

You can devote as much time as you need to the actions. Some of them may only take 10 minutes. If you can’t do a day, just catch up the following day or whenever you have time. The main thing is that you feel you are moving forward and creating some momentum.

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