February 11

Inner Voice Session


If you are feeling lost and unsure of your direction in life, I recommend having an Inner Voice Session. Kathryn came to me at a time when I was feeling confused, overwhelmed and lost. Being open to new experiences, I received one of her Inner Voice sessions.

Kathryn believes that your inner voice is your greatest guide to lead a life of joy and authenticity, enchantment and awe.

My Experience

Having not experienced an Inner Voice Session before, Kathryn guided me through the process and what to expect. At the beginning of the session, I was asked to lay down and allow my mind to switch off so that Kathryn could connect with my subconscious and my inner voice. 

I could feel my mind trying to take over at the beginning but very soon after I began to relax and allowed my inner voice to take centre stage. As the session progressed I felt so aligned and just let Kathryn’s voice discover what my inner voice and soul wanted me to know. Kathryn emailed me quickly afterwards with the recording and listening to it back, I’m amazed by the wisdom that my inner voice has. Sometimes I get too caught up in my mind and the things that I think I ‘should’ be doing and neglect what my soul actually wants me to do. My whole experience was amazing and I’m so grateful to Kathryn for helping me during a period of my life where I was very confused.

What is an Inner Voice Session?

Even in the most trying of times, within each of us resides a deep well of wisdom, love and peace, an inner knowing that’s ready and eager to help address life’s toughest questions. You may have heard it called intuition, heart or higher self; I refer to it as the inner voice, and by cultivating a deeper connection we’re able to release the fears holding us back from the freedom, joy and alignment that are our birth rights. 

Utilizing Jess Lively’s original inner voice facilitation technique, during a session I hold space for you to live as your inner voice, to discover the wisdom, well-being and unconditional love within. No topic is off-limits; my clients often consult their inner voices on relationships, heartache, dating, their inner source of love, health and wellness, career and even world events. 

We live in a mental world. We’ve all been trained to think rationally, to make decisions with a list of pros and cons, to adhere to society’s rigid expectations, all while silencing the wisdom and numbing the emotions inside of our bodies. It’s time to stop looking outward for guidance and approval and instead, to turn inward and reconnect to our true spirit. 

What To Expect

Kathryn facilitates a conversation with your inner voice during a one- or two-hour session. During the session you work together to:

·      Help you quiet your worried mind and tune into the peaceful, loving energy that is truly you

·      Open up to a world filled with more trust, more serenity and more fun

·      Address any of the mind’s questions or concerns from the deepest part of you

·      Give you permission to fully embrace your most authentic self

About Kathryn Sullivan

I first began consciously listening to my inner voice a few years ago and my life today is hardly recognizable! I quit my corporate job, left my hometown of San Francisco with a backpack and travelled around the world. After landing in London, UK for a while I am now flowing into my next chapter. I rely upon my inner voice every single day to make decisions large and small, and it has never led me astray. In particular, my perspective on partnership has completely shifted from fairy-tale fantasies to what truly serves my highest good, and I’ve never felt more loved, confident and free.

My passion is to inspire women to awaken to their truest desires and find the inner strength to create their dream lives. If you’re hearing a yes from your intuition, I would love to work with you. I invite you to visit my website for more information and to reserve a session, or feel free to reach out to me directly via email with any questions: kathryn@vivientravel.com.

Sessions start from $111. Tell Kathryn you found her services through Get Over Your Divorce and I donate $1 to Girls Not Brides, a global partnership in more than 95 countries working to end child marriage.


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