January 25

Is There Life After Divorce?


(I wanted to write this post to help anyone who may be struggling to get over a divorce whether it was their decision or the choice was taken out of their hands. This is my story and experience of divorce. I hope it helps someone).

When you come through the other side of divorce, you’ll wonder if it ever really happened. Was that really me that walked down an aisle in a white wedding dress before vowing to spend the rest of my life with just one person?

Yes it was…

But it seems like an ethereal dream. A moment in time that you witnessed but never actually took part in. Maybe I was a guest, looking on as two people who seemed so in love to the outside world, pledged a vow to never leave each other before I witnessed the bubble burst and the end of a union that just was never to be.

But with the death of anything comes new beginnings, and if I had never suffered the loss of my future dreams, and leaving my marital home, I would never have got the strength to be where I am today.

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