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When we get divorced, it’s easy to feel lost with no sense of direction as we battle with losing the life that we had dreamed for ourselves. If you’re feeling stuck and ready for a change in your life, having sessions with a Life Coach can help you to navigate through these feelings and get to a place of joy, passion and purpose, ready to tackle the world with a new sense of freedom and alignment. Maybe you’ve lost your joy and forgotten what makes your heart sing, and are desperate for change in your life.

My Experience

I was at a crossroads and unsure of which route to take and needed some guidance to help point me in the right direction. Having never experienced coaching sessions before, I was unsure what to expect but each interaction was heartfelt and exactly what it needed to be. To open yourself up to someone about your fears and dreams is such a vulnerable act, but Laura was there every step of the way to help me get back on track and mirror the belief that was within me.

I gained confidence in my ability to write and get rid of the blocks that were holding me back. I felt as though I wasn’t enough and Laura made me see that I was. Working with Laura gave me clarity of my purpose and has helped me on the right trajectory to my vision. Coaching with Laura is transformative, enlightening and purposeful. I would recommend her 110% to anyone no matter what stage of life you are at.

What is a Coaching Session? 

Laura offers 1:1 coaching series, soul circle workshops, and a one-off clarity session to help you to face a specific challenge you may be going through. Whether that’s clarity on knowing exactly what you are meant to be doing, taking steps in the right direction for your life, or knowing what is important to you and living life in line with your purpose. She will help you to build resilience to overcome obstacles and turn fear into a powerful ally, to have confidence in yourself and trust in the process and feel more balanced and aligned with your true self. 

What to Expect 

If you are unsure if you need 12 weeks of coaching, you can just join a soul circle workshop which can help if you feel stuck and unable to move forward. Her community is a welcoming group where you can share as much as you want to. 

And if you don’t feel ready for coaching, you can just sign up to her newsletter where she shares valuable tools and insights to help you on your journey. You receive a free journaling workbook when you sign up too!

About Laura 

Laura is an internationally certified Mindset & Clarity Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She works with women who are at a crossroads in their lives and helps them to reconnect with themselves and their true desires so they can find clarity, purpose, direction, and joy. 

After a successful career in international corporations, Laura discovered how to break free from a life full of fear, doubt and clarity, and within a few months, turned her life around. She found her purpose, and realised what was important to her in life. She knows first-hand how to experience a deeper sense of trust, fulfilment and freedom and helps others pursue this too. 

Using proven tools and heart-centered coaching, Laura helps purpose-seekers, free-spirits & change-makers to find clarity and start trusting themselves so they can break free from the beaten career path and start living a life of possibilities. 

Find out more about Laura and her services at Laura Beyer Coaching


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